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Im a 33 year old female with an autistic father (professor), brother (professor), cousin and two nieces (it must be genetic!), who appreciates nerdy, serious, honest and loyal men. I'm one class away from a bachelor's degree in philosophy and Im getting a second BA in music. I've worked as a background actress. I love playing Scrabble. I'm looking for a marriage partner who wants children. You MUST be seriously and traditionally Catholic because I attend Mass in Latin and I want the family I create to do the same. You must enjoy physical touch and one on one conversation, because I cant do a marriage without that. You must have an adequate source of income as I hope to have children and I want to stay home to raise them. You must be over 5'7" as I want to wear high heeled shoes, and please be physically fit as I dont want to exercise, bike, hike, swim and dance alone. I have not been diagnosed with autism but I have some sensory issues and because Im used to my family of nerdy academic autistics, I prefer autistic culture. I was a professional ballerina, am divorced and have no children. My ex-husband turned out to be asexual and that does not work for me!