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london, GB

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Looking to make friends.

I don't care about your gender, your sexual orientation, your marital status, your work, your family or pretty much anything else that we tend to judge people on.
My criteria is 'interesting'; nice would help, too (nice is a vastly under-rated word, in my opinion).

In return, I will try to be interesting and nice (I often struggle with 'nice' - but I haven't shot anyone all week...however, it is only Wednesday).

Oh, a quick update: No, I am not 'up for it', do not 'fancy sum fun' or want a 'friend with benefits'. I'd quite like some nice people to chat to, meet for coffee, go to the pub and generally 'go out with' (though not into night clubbing)

I enjoy walking (city or country walks), place of historical interest, museums, interesting and quirky things and places.
Like and appreciate sci-fi, but not particularly geeky.
Enjoy film and theatre.
I am a mixed bag of out going and shy.

A gentle soul just looking for friends and friendships.

Enjoy photography and would like to improve my skills with this.

I work with homeless people with mental health issues...can be challenging...can be rewarding