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Wirral, Merseyside, GB

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--Updated 12/02/2021 (Still active, don't be shy, I'm shit at social too <3 ) --
**If you are a Romance scammer or Catfish of some kind, quit now, please. I can spot you with my eyes closed.**

I'm not particularly good at conversation, it's not something I can help. As such I'm not exactly hot stuff on the dating scene, I'm ofttimes way out of my comfort zone socially.
Truth be told, I'm a bit of a shut-in, and will try to avoid social gatherings and the sorts whenever I can.

I have a wide variety of interests; Science, Computers, Games, Art (not "modern-art"), Music, Literature (albeit somewhat limited), DnD (Dungeons and Dragons). I love nature and cold climates. I particularly love the Autumn/Winter seasons.
I can sometimes come across as a fussy eater unless Tuna is involved, or Pasta.

I am quite blunt and have a dry, sometimes dark, sense of humor. I like to believe I am a very good listener and like to help people when I am able to the best of my ability.

If this brief description is not sufficient, shoot me a message and I will get back to you when I can.