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Hello lovely peeps, my name is Jasmin, I was born in November 18th 1999, I am a bisexual and looking for a lover, there are many things I want in a lover and what he/she should be prepared for if you want a relationship with me.


My favourite thing to do is coseplay, I haven't been to a convention before but I am hoping to do so in the near future, which leads to my fave anime that would be: AOT {attack on titan}, Black Butler, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh, Future Diary, Tokyo Ghoul and many more, there are also games going from UnderTale to Assassins Creed.

My hobbies consists of ~ puns, drawing, youtube, music and games, I am a YouTuber but with little subscripers, if you would like my YouTube link, don't be scared to ask, I'll be more then welcome to lend it you, I also upload on DA that I'll be more then welcome to give!


My most disliked thing in the world is obsession and jealously, I don't feel either as I like to share love around to other people, even the ones new to love.