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"People always *seem* good until you poke them in the prejudice places they so fiercely defend." ~Myself

"I've had reoccurring nightmares, I was loved for who I am, missed the opportunity...to be a better man." ~Muse "HooDoo"

"Fat cheeks, fat hips. Fat fists for giving fat lips!" ~batscoundrel on Tumblr

I am a staunch feminist activist, and I will not water myself down to make others comfortable. My biggest turn off is any behavior that dehumanizes any other human being. This can be anything, including, but not limited to ableism, racism, sexism, ageism, misogyny including any and all entitled, undermining behaviors that result from being raised in a patriarchal culture, and the very very worst is when someone is displaying any one of these behaviors and flagrantly disregards and/or is completely dismissive of your thoughts and feelings when you call them out on it. Willful ignorance is ugly. I have a very low bullshit tolerance these days. Red flags include, but are not limited to:

1. Calling the legitimate anger of oppressed people “drama” or “hate”.
2. Referring to allocation of human rights as simply “politics”.
3. Referring to basic human empathy as “political correctness”.
4. The childlike refusal to admit mistakes and throwing a literal tantrum.
5. "It’s just my opinion".
6. "I'm only joking." or "It's just a joke."
7. "That's just the way it is." or "That's just how it is." etc.

Don't assume my self esteem requires compliments to feel validated in some way. Flattery will get you nowhere and you do not get cookies for being a decent human being. That's setting the bar rather low, don't you think?

About Me: I am 36 years old, Autistic, homoflexible and greatly dislike a good 99.9% of cis men, polyamorous, and genderqueer.

If I had to pick a gender identity, I'd say fully functioning hermaphrodite sums up how I view myself pretty well. :3 My gender pronouns are all gender neutral like are "They", "Them", "Their" and "Dude". Respect them. I'm also a sadomasochistic, primal, switch and unowned pet dragon. :D

I am a creative generalist by trade. You are not required to be an artist to be my friend or be in my life, but you are required to have a certain appreciation and respect for what I do. I am not particularly religious, but I do tend to be quite philosophical and spiritual. I am an agnostic eclectic witch.

My hobbies include, but are not limited to gaming, yoga, dancing, cooking foreign food and cooking in general, making doll clothes, reading, and the outdoors. I love camping and mountain climbing. I study entomology, herpetology, and anthropological based psychology for fun. I also love theoretical physics, but I am not avid in this area, and really lacking in the math portion. I am gluten intolerant and follow a vegetarian lifestyle during the week and a paleo/primal lifestyle on the weekends. No grain, pasta, or bread, mkay, thanks. I am a daily pot smoker and I smoke hookah on occasion, but have some trouble around cigarettes. They tend to close up my lungs.

I am both entirely simple and complex. I am eccentric and completely genuine. I don't see myself as a difficult person to get to know. I am very logical, straightforward, and can be quite analytical. If you are jiving with everything up until this point, feel free to send me a message. :D

If you want to go even further down the rabbit hole with me before messaging me, check out my blog. The link can be found below. ^_^