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Hi, my name is Tyler, I love animals, especially dogs (I have 3 dogs, names Titan, Bella and Charlie), I love kids and babies too, and am hoping to have children (Both daughters and sons) of my very own to someday, I am looking for someone to settle down with and start a family with someday as well, I have high functional autism, I was diagnosed with high functional autism when I was 5 years old, I love hugs, I am a hugger, I have a little sister, but no brothers, I like having fun, especially having fun with my family and friends, I'm also all about family and friends, I'd like to meet a nice, honest, caring, sensitive and sweet girl to have as my partner someone that I can be myself around with and share my life with, and could keep me on my feet and toes, with from a lot to most of the same interest and common things, and must love dogs too, and would love make some new friends along the way as well (Both lady and guy friends) from anywhere around the world, just someone that shares the same activities and interest that I do, someone to talk to, and also someone who'll just keep me busy and on my feet and toes, am also to sometimes a quiet and shy guy myself as well, especially even meeting seeing a new person, but do tend to soften up and get comfortable with the person once getting to know them real good and get comfortable with being around them and talking to them, never been a bar person, and a person that drinks, smokes and/ or does drugs, but don't mind if any of my other family member and friends drink, I love going out for dinner or lunch at restaurants, I like to travel/go on adventures/exploring, go to see movies in theaters, doing things around the house, house chores, such as vacuuming, doing laundry and doing dishes, I do like things picked up, nice, neat and clean, and do consider myself as a clean freak, design freak and a neat freak, lol! I like to relax, watching movies and TV shows, I love music, I love some metal/ heavy metal music, some rap/ hip hop music and mostly hit music, I also love and am good at playing the piano and the trumpet as well, I love playing computer and video games, I like cooking, and food, I also do love spicy foods, making desserts and making/ having coffee, I love going to parks, theme parks and malls, I also do love going to Zoos (to see animals, etc.), I also do love going horse riding, I love going to Disney world and Sea World, I also love going to Epcot, going out to see a baseball game or any other kind of sports games, my favorite sports are bowling, putt putt/golf, ping pong, tennis, air hockey and baseball! :) If you'd like to get to know more about me, then, feel free to leave me a message at anytime, and I will message you back shortly, when I can! :)