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Hi, my name is Tyler, I love animals, especially dogs (I have 3 dogs, names Titan, Bella and Charlie), I love kids and babies too, and am hoping to have children of my very own to someday, I have high functional autism, I was diagnosed with high functional autism when I was 5 years old, I love hugs, I am a hugger, I have a little sister, but no brothers, I like having fun, especially having fun with my family and friends, I'm also all about family and friends, I'd like to meet a nice, honest, caring, sensitive and sweet girl to have as my partner someone that I can be myself around with and share my life with, and make some new friends along the way as well (Both lady and guy friends), I love going out for dinner or lunch at restaurants, I like to travel/go on adventures/exploring, go to see movies in theaters, I like to relax, watching movies and TV shows, I love music, I love some metal/ heavy metal music, some rap/ hip hop music and most hit music, I love playing computer and video games, I like cooking, and food, I also do love spicy foods, making desserts and having coffee, I love going to parks and malls, I also do love going to Zoos (to see animals, etc.), I love going to Disney world and Sea World, I also love going to Epcot, going out to see a baseball game or any other kind of sports games, my favorite sports are bowling, putt putt/golf, ping pong, tennis, air hockey and baseball! :)