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Irving, US

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Am I really 42? I don't think so. I don't care about my birthday so I always put 1980.01.01 on these sites. I don't know my real age but it's close. Ask me if you're curious. I'm happy to give my 'real' age but I don't care to do the math.
I'm happy to respond to any requests, message me if you're curious about anything.
I'm intensely conversational so I would appreciate more than a "hello" but beyond that I'm an open book looking to talk to anyone.
I casually have multi-page conversations so if you're looking for someone who can carry a conversation beyond a few words, by all means message me.
That all being said, I have 'high functioning autism', not sure if that's the proper way to say it though. My autism has made social situations very difficult for me (who'd have guessed right?). I have a tendency to honest to a fault unless given a reason not to be and I absolutely cannot 'read the room' to save my life. My best reaction to such situations is to remain quiet as to not disturb anyone else.
I consider myself very intelligent but not very knowledgeable.
This is a work in progress. More will be added as time allows.