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Crete, Nebraska, US

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I am 23 year old guy, with a warm heart looking for My Special someone that can fit that missing part in my life.

To be friends at first to know each other, then if we match I would like to have a girlfriend. I am living in Crete Nebraska. If you live close to me, please let mi know!!

I like to travel,I like cats and dogs, all animals, play video games, cars, my family, popcorn, movies, go places like ice skidding, short road trips in my car, exploring new places around, and more.

Yes, I have a car. I am a good driver!! I am kind of a shorty guy with a great heart, good feelings and kind & loving.

I have Asperger's syndrome, as you know it is the top functional level on the autistic spectrum!! I love cars and I know almost everything about it!! I have also a bit of a problem with attention deficit disorder but I am trying really hard to get better to get a better job. I am actually doing some little jobs, here and there and looking for a match job with the help of my couch. I did finish high school years ago and then got a full year of training on different jobs. I am proud about this.

I love to watch TV but I would like to be more active with outings if I would have more friends to go out often. So I am looking also for more friends!!

I'm looking for my special someone here, because it is kind of difficult to find out someone without disabilities that want it to know me better to be that special someone. I want to find out a girlfriend that understand me and match with my way to be!! Friends are also welcome!!