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Problematic situation

Posted by snowflake101

The Start before all this happened


Hello Lovely people, my name is Jasmin,I had joined this website somewhere like May 27th, 2 months ago, and some of you may remember me from the Owen incident who I don't want to talk about, but, this isn't the case, the case at hand is a user who want me and sean to break up {I'm not pointing fingers at any user}.

Mine and sean's relationship

Me and sean are in a happy relationship together, there had been some down times but we are working together to make a our relationship strong {especially when my love for someone is slim... but we still love each other}

The future for me and sean is still building up to strengthen up our relationship together, we do have some plans and we are adding more along as days go by, we also planned to meet up some time this year, I am excited to meet him face to face, maybe do some cosplaying at conventions at some point as our favourite anime couple, I just can't imagine myself without him.

situation at hand

okay, time to tell you all on what is going on, this user {not gonna name anyone out}, who is sean's ex, was really nice at first, I thought I was having lovely a lovely conversation and helping her out with her Obsession of this music artist {won't say who}

as time gone by, sean decided to share our relationship with the public, I accepted and loved the post, a day or two later, sean sent me a snapshot, it was the user shouting in caps for him to break from me, I felt devastated and mad at that on what user tried to force him to do.

I think a day after sean sent me that snapshot of the user message, I received a reply from the user telling to not talk to her and break up with sean, in caps, my anxiety started to creep up more as message after message and after message went by, she wouldn't stop telling me to break from sean, there isn't anything wrong between mine and his relationship at all, I love him with only a small amount of love and he loves me too truelly, damn, he's even to help me to remember! And all this girl could do was tell me and sean to break up, it isn't happening, and I'm not having anyone to tell sean to "kill himself".


to those who hate me and sean being together, do not open your mouth "at all", and never tell me to "cut" it "jump off a bridge" at all! I do not want to say, tell and even message about that!

And now, as this had come to a close, I wish you all a good day, and remember, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.

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Posted by aestheticdream

It is a very frustrating situation. My ex was rather nasty and cruel at times and she thinks it’s okay to tell people to hurt themselves. It is never okay to tell someone to take their own life.

Posted by gtiger93

Here's the thing if you like each other than don't allow others opinions get the best of you. Secondly it is only for you to decide your happiness on. If you like sean then I say go for it. I mean no one is going to stop you for liking him. I mean people say certain thing s out of proportion all the time just to keep in mind. All you can do is forgive and move on. I know it is none of my business between you and Sean, but I wanted to say that I am glad you found each other.

Posted by snowflake101

This chick -

Posted by kelmire

Also, who told him to kill himself? If it's the ex, she can actually be arrested for that. Famous case in America, some poor guy cucked himself chasing after some chick that I guess had no interest in him. As a teen, I'm no stud, but I got around a fair bit and I've witnessed lots of guys and in soem cases women orbiting their love interest, even to the point of abuse and/or manipulation. It really broke my heart growing up - I hated seeing the people i cared for suffer like that and until I fell in love in my mid-20s, I really didn't understand how 'true' love could become obsession. But this american guy orbited her, did whatever she told him and towards the end all she was telling him to do was kill himself and so eventually he did - she was presecuted and sentence under some special manslaughter verdict. Encouragi suicide is still kind of a grey area in regards to law, whether it be American law or UK law(very different from eachother) but most western governments are starting to crack down on it. If this chick or anyone else is encouraging Sean to kill himself, then once or twice is just a comment. Persistent abuse is a crime. Everybody here should be aware that in under no circumstances should you ever give the time of day to someone telling you to kill yourself. Beyond that comment, whatever that person's opinions are in relation to anything are null and void.

Posted by kelmire

My man sean always has the pick of the ladies xD Go on, my son!