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"Friends"? What are they to me?

Posted by snowflake101

Hello lovely people, I'm here too share a important part of my life, now, just to tell you all, //I AM ->"NOT"<- LOOKING FOR ANY FORM OF SYMPATHY WHAT SO EVER!\\ If you have a problem, "do not" comment and/or message me, I have better things to do then argue of not wanting sympathy, thank you and let's begin!

• Lets start off way back when I was with my mother, my "only" mother when I wasn't with my dad, that my mother had to move me away from him at 3 years old, but my dad is out of this picture, cause where it starts, I was only like 4/5 years old.

• Before you go on telling me "oh, this is irrelevant" and shut off from what I am trying to say won't help at all due to having plenty of stress, but, let's get back to the topic at hand of the from 4/5 years, in primary. I wasn't any of your average child, what I would do is that instead of being a normal kid and making friends, I just blocked myself away from the world, my only friends was my thoughts, so, you would had known by this point I'm not a very social person while our and about, while at home, I was pretty much giddy.

• As years gone by when I went into my last primary at the age of 8/11, you might had guessed it, no friends, I basically isolated myself by curling up in a place where I could become I'll, no one in school really took interest in be king my friend, but, even if I had made a friend and moved away from them for too long, I'd been forgotten from their memories, because I'm not worth their time at all of something else.

• By High School, I just gained one friend, well, she only lasted a year, probs forgotten about me, but that hadn't changed to the fact I had to be kept down a year, start a new year, a new form, and also, new students, this was the part I struggled a lot, no one in my form was my friend, I pretended to smile, laugh, heck, even pretended to enjoy myself! Even lied to my carers during high school that I had "friends" when secretly, I had none, no one listened to me, no one helped, the only people who listened and helped was teachers,  it was like I was invisible to the world and I still feel invisible to the world.

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Posted by snowflake101

I never been to a con.... Live tour... Or even anything like that... But thank you for understanding what I had been through