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My Dream Career

Posted by snowflake101

Hi Everyone, I'm here to talk about my dream career and how it will may help with my communication, first a big thank you to my dear sean, he's been with me for like 3/4 months now, and this month is going to be excited as I'll be seeing him! I'm so excited! And proud of him, most of the males would just use me from experience in the past, and he's holding strong to make me smile, and from all of your encouragement, I'm slowly getting back on my feet to climb out of this deep hole I've trapped myself on, it's a please to meet fantastic people on AD, anyway, let's get to the plan of my "Dream Career"!

my dream career is very excited and precise, it would consist of all sort of cosplay costumes for a cheap price out a little bit higher as the fabric I would be using may be quite dear in price to get, there will also be vlogs of me acting out as he character as well as video tutorials along with your own cosplay pack that would contain everything, the collar threat, tags of what is what with everything else so if you don't want to buy a cosplay, there is the pack that you could buy, but, there would be a slight problem as I would only accept cash.

the area of where the shop would be located is will be somewhere round the Manchester, oh, and not to mention I might visit round the world to other cons and to make music videos, especially to be on a live tv show! I would only accept between 3/5 people in this event that I'm still thinking of.

I guess that's it, I hope you all like my dream career and wish me luck in succeeding, thank you all for reading ^°^


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Posted by imnotscary

I think this sounds like a........ ....fantastic idea! It's really good to have goals and ambitions, and this sounds like something that is plausible, rewardin and worthwhile. Cosplay is a market this is not going to get smaller, and those that partake in it are very dedicated. There has to be a market for this sort of thing. What you need to do now is get to some comic-cons. See what everyone is waering and the standard to which it is made, then you know the standard you need to emulate. Then practise and practise making costumes and outfits.

Posted by aestheticdream

That would be amazing to travel the world with you my dear <3 I definitely one day want to cosplay as V from Cyberpunk 2077 ^_^ CD Projekt Red will more than likely release the jacket from the game on their Merch store