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I'm done!

Posted by snowflake101

Sorry if the title seem confusing but I really am done! 1 owen is back, 2 I had him BLOCK! and 3 something happened to that and now for some reason it shows that he BLOCKED ME!

I don't know how this system work still if he asked for a staff to unblock me or something, cause the game he's playing is wrong! The reason I blocked him is because I didn't want him to cause havic to me where he has FREE WILL TO MESSAGE ME! I DON'T LIKE THAT OWEN AND YOU BETTER STOP NOW! CAUSE IT'S NOT FUNNY AT ALL!

Sorry for that peeps, I had to let it out as I can't bottle it inside anymore! He thinks he's so innocent and can get away everything, even murder of he had the right guilt card to play! While I'm here sitting on my arse while he's laughing at my face for no reason at all! I tried telling him to leave me alone and even have a nice talk! But my mind was so ever to blow at him of what he said about my mother and myself in this blog I made - -

He needs to grow up and face the fact that he cannot change the past! He did what done and said what told, there is no turning back!

If anyone think I'm a bad person, I'm not! The only reason why I would act all snappy is when a dimwit like Owen comes along and does not do what he is told to do, and that was to never message from from since May! But he didn't and two months after in July telling me these and all of these are his words from May to to July in order ->

❌warning, strong language approaching❌


"MAKE THESE VOICES STOP"0 ~ 05:.05.2019 21:33:36

"cunt" ~ 08.05.2019 22:55:14

"I hate you" ~ 11.05.2019 00:33:12

"You don't deserve happiness after how treated me" ~ 11.05.2019 00:33:38


 "Yeah. May not be on the site but I still look at the fucking blog" ~ 13:07:2019 20:18:27


If anyone needs proof on these, message me, I got these quotes in my nokia phone if anyone wants these cause I ain't playing around owen, trust me.

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Posted by islandguy

Ouch. From the quotes I can see why you're so frustrated. That is no way for anyone to behave. Owen, if you're reading this. Chill out my friend. Even if you feel like someone hasn't treat you fairly, you still have to respect their decisions - otherwise it gets all creepy and stalkerish, and you wouldn't want that. Regardless of what has happened, how or why... it's clear that things have gone wrong here. The best you can do is take a deep breath and move on, with dignity. I say this out of kindness. It does neither of you any good. I once had something like this happen to me... and you're kind of lucky Snowflake hasn't taken it to the authorities. I did, and got the UK equivalent of a John Doe subpoena followed by an an injunction. In my case, the person then proceeded to break that injunction and was briefly jailed. It shouldn't have had to come to that, but the person was unreasonable. Don't be unreasonable. Take a breath, realise that pursuing snowflake is not worth your time - and move along with your life having learned something in the process. I wish you both well as you go your seperate ways.