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This keeps happening.

Posted by angryangryaries

I’m not really sure what this feature is for, I’m sorry if I’m misusing it. But, this is just a small vent post. 

This has a genuinely long, twisted backstory, but right now, I’m too hurt to explain the full story without bursting into tears. 

I’m just curious – why do people think it’s okay to be so rude? I think once people realize that you’re not “normal,” they think they can take advantage of you. 

They think that you won’t notice because you’re to yourself and are lucky to even be talked to. 

They think that since you’re on the spectrum, you may be dumb. 

I’m tired of being treated like this. My feelings are hurt and I feel like my chest is in my stomach. I just wish that people would realize that I may be different, but I want to be treated just like anyone else… 

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Posted by thenameshiggs

I know how that feels. being abandoned by society just because you are different or even dare to be different. I have plenty of friends who are "Normal." but even then I kinda know they think I'm different. that's why I struggle to date people or even talk to people... I am very sociable, even a little gullible in certain situations. don't worry however. If you need someone to talk to you can always message me. I'm definitely a kind hearted person.