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Unused Features?

Posted by ogrebattle

It seems to me that this service is grossly underutilized by legitimate people seeking compatible partners living on the ASD spectrum. I understand that a large contingent of subscribers live in the UK (and I don't), and cannot reasonably strike up a relationship with others living a continent away. If I could assist in advertising this site, I would, because people with ASD (me included) are underrepresented.

Any comments? Please share!

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Posted by ajk94

Not many are from the UK I have found the majority are in the US

Posted by atomlowend82

You are absolutely right many do seem to live on the other side of the world.and understandably they want someone they can spend time with in person also I have noticed that there isn't many women in my age group most of the ladies here are in their 20s I'm almost 40.i think that because we're on the ASD spectrum it makes some of us a little uncertain about reaching out to others seeking a friendship or relationship being social in person or online can be yes more people like me and yourself should be using this site.all age's between 18 and 100.