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This is amazing!

Posted by ogrebattle

Since I've been on here from last summer, I've had 17 likes from women who turned out to be either scammers or sex workers on porn chats. I suppose the idea of "free love" is an artificial construct designed to part fools from their money. Golly!

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Posted by lanier2368

And I do have to admit that the administrators are really good at getting rid of the scammers. They all rock.

Posted by lanier2368

Ya, it is sad isn't it. I find it amusing talking to some of these scammers myself. It's all the same. Sometimes I take the 'bait' when they ask to talk on Hangouts or whatever. After a while I kind of have a mental checklist of how the conversations go. Timing of what they bring up lot sob stories, basic timing of when they start asking for money and the same basic reasons they always ask and how they want it, etc. Sadly way too predictable sometimes. I am in the early stages of starting a website mainly about warning signs and some of the bizarre and funny things I've been running into. There needs to be more resources for people like us on the page that might be more vunerable to the scams. And sorry for being long winded. Lol