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Which era of music do you prefer the most?

Posted by squee

Although it's fine to mention genres, I'm mainly asking which decade of music do you prefer the most and if so, then why.

Do you prefer modern, current music trends and do you perhaps prefer 80s music, or even 60s?
Fell free to post your preference and explanation.

I'll start. I love pretty much all music, to larger and lesser extents, but I'd have to go with the 1980s.
Although more options exist today than ever before, I really feel like music from the 80s was limited, minimalistic and yet it forced people to be more creative with how they utilized each sound, often creating rather complicated and artistic rythms.
Furthermore, I really love that music in the 80s evoked powerful emotions through storytelling, as oppossed to music today in which the very nature of the song completely revolves around expressing a particular emotion, so much so that it can often appear shallow, however catchy it may be.
Music in the 80s had soul, music in the 80s was synth, rock and roll and even when explicit, it had a sense of grace to follow it up with.
The 1980s was reading an elegant book while snorting truckloads of cocaine, as Boy George sings in the background about his favourite colours and the sunshine seems eternal, because no one's running around telling you the world is going to end because of climate change.

Man I was born in the wrong era.

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Posted by ogrebattle

Queen, Supertramp, Electric Light Orchestra, and yes, I liked ABBA. Dont judge me!

Posted by squee

I agree completely. Beautiful comment. But if you HAD to choose a decade... which would it be? :)

Posted by filsdelaterre

Have to say, as much as I feel attached to different era's of music, I think the human spirit has always had the in-dwelling capacity to produce ''good'' music. If there is any way to judge music objectively, I would say that ''good music'' captures emotion, and re-ignites the original flame the author sought to express in the hearts of the listeners. From early rhythmic chanting and metrical storytelling to polyphony all the way to modern pop tunes, there have always been those who express achieve that type of ''good music''; whether the emotion they're expressing is a fad bound in the zeitgeist of the author, or hits a deep emotion that transcends ages determines how we judge it in retrospect, but I think some people just have music in their bones! It's all relative though. peace and love!