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I'd like some advice.

Posted by squee

There's this girl that works down the street from where I live, she works in a local shop. She's a nice girl, very pretty also.
Now I have a thing for this girl, she's my ideal type. However, there';s two problems:

1. She doesn't talk to me anymore and I don't know why. When she first started working there, she would say hi, even if she was outside smoking she'd still say hi. She'd try to strike up conversations and I'd talk to her, but I'm not the best conversationalist unless I know the person better. I CAN be very sociable.. very sociable infact, but not when I'm stoned and walking to the shop to get some beer and munchies.
One day she made some joke about me being one of the smart ones for asking for a bag before she started price checking everything.. I made a joke about the one thing no one could desribe me as being is smart.. I was making a joke, but I think she took me serious and tried to give 'advice' as if I had some conmfidence issue.. I just brushed it off. I wasn't beiung mean, it's just that I was joking, she took it seriously and put me on the spot and I just didn't have a valid response to that.

Ever since, she has said nothing to me. Nothing. Not even so much as hello.
The other day I was walking down an area I normally don't walk down, just because there's usually not much reason to but my local ATM had run out of cash, so this other area had an ATM and so I headed there.

On my way back home, I spot this girl and her friend walking down the street. She looks at me, I stare at her(half in shock because I wasn't expecting to see her) and she just ghosts me and walks on.

Listen, I'm not some creep.. I realize fully that I have no right to be angry, or even hurt for that matter.. but it did hurt.
So now I'm wondering... do I just leave it alone and accept that she dislikes me for reasons I'll never know? Or do I confront her?

I'd prefer to confront her at this stage. Not in some creepy possessive kind of way, I'll just explain that I have feelings for her, that whatever I said to make her dislike me, I'm sorry and probably was just put on the spot and didn't have a quick-witted response.

Normally I don't let my autism affect aspects of my life. I am not degined by autism, I am always responsible for my own actions and making excuses as being autistic is nothing but cowardice to me.
However, autism does affect my general demeaner because I am naturally introverted. People are more attracted to friendly faces.. I have a resting bitch face, so often people will take a subconscious disliking to me on that basis.
Still... it really bothers me when one day someone likes you, then the next day they won't even look at you. Not knowing what wrong; it eats my up a little inside.

So... I know what I'm most likely going to die, which is to throw caution to the wind. What do you guys tihnk I should do?

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Posted by ogrebattle

It sounds like you found an SJW. Leave it there and move on is my advisory.

Posted by squee

God I wish there was an edit feature.... I was smoking and typing and I'm a man, so naturally I can't multitask. Apologies.