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An Easy Way To Identify a Romance Scammer!

Posted by ogrebattle

Here's what to do:

Ask the person to upload a photo to their profile holding in front of them a sheet of paper handwritten with the words, "I am not a Romance Scammer!" If they delay, protest or outright refuse, they may be a scammer.

Also, if their already uploaded photo(s) have their heads cropped off at the neck, be suspicious. Personal vanity would usually prevent them uploading photos appearing headless.

And finally, and I cannot emphasize this enough, use Google Image Search to see if their photo(s) have been uploaded elsewhere. If the suspect photos appear to be copied from inconsistent sources, that may be a red flag.

Thank you for your attention, and please be safe!

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Posted by ogrebattle

Thank you sean55!

Posted by lanier2368

Hey, Ogre, I started a website focused on dating scams. You seem...passionate about helping out dealing with the scams. Would you want to help out with the site at all?

Posted by ogrebattle

As of this comment, I have assisted in outing 26 romance scammers. If this appears to be endemic, I may start a Twitch channel dedicated to exposing these fraudulent profiles, with uploads to my unused YouTube channel. If you think this is a good idea, let me know!