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Why do I pursue Romance Scammers on Autistic Dating?

Posted by ogrebattle

These are the reasons...

First, I am an advocate of the support and defense of Autistics.

Second, Autistics are often the victims of unscrupulous exploitation of scammers of all sorts. Romance scammers are particularly sadistic in draining the emotions and finances of this population, that may not have developed the social skills necessary to identify and deflect endangering scams.

Third, yes, I have been burned in the past, both by a manipulative ex-spouse (and her family), and a grifting opportunist resulting in the loss of hundreds of dollars from me, as well as devestating my faith in humanity. I decided to use my hard-learned lessons to educate others on the dangers of being too trusting to a pretty face and a soothsaying voice.

Does this mean I am biased? Of course. Am I bitter? I was at first, but I realized that it was my fault for being vulnerable to deceitful behaviors. Never again!

I think I have sufficiently made my point through my previous posts. I hope people will have gained insight on the perils of being too trusting. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to post your experiences below, and if you are curious of my sojourns, well, ask me anything!

Thank you all for your time and energy.

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Posted by ogrebattle

Update: We have been successful in purging 40 romance scammers from the membership ranks to date (03 June 2020), that had tried to scam me personally. I suspect that these criminals soon will avoid my account out of notoriety. Why? Scammers network with each other, regardless of their target populations. So... be steadfast in ferreting out these despicable con artists! Thank you for all your help!