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College update

Posted by princealastor

Yes! I know I haven't posted in a while! Don't spam that I hadn't updated of posted, okay? Give me a break as I have news about this college that I've mentioned before! Ready to hear the news? Good! Cause I have booked fur a online virtual open day with this college, I will be given a discord (no, I won't post the discord here) and there will be other students who will be there, the open day will hold on Sunday 11th July, my time of course, so, do no spam my messages if you want to talk or something, cause I will be busy, thank you for understanding ^^

- Princealastor

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Posted by sirdood

Hope things go your way then!

Posted by princealastor

Just mentioning that if I get a place in college, I'll still use this site but rarely, it's an opportunity to try out gaming/animation that has practical work in it

Posted by sirdood

I don't get it. So you will be bamfing out of here cos of college? Orrr you are just mentioning that you are going to college? In either case, good luck n all that.

Posted by ogrebattle

I hope it all goes well for you!