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Looking for friends everywhere

Posted by powerupny

Hello from Las Vegas, Nevada, US! My name's Ray. I'm looking for new friends everywhere and anywhere!

I'm open minded. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder among other things. 

It's hard for me to make new friends in Las Vegas, Nevada, so now I am searching more abroad for other like minded people.

I am orginally from Long Island, New York US.

I can be shy at first but warm up later.

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Posted by powerupny

I like to draw too that's when I'm in my zone.

Posted by powerupny

When I sleep and dream that's when I'm in my own universe basically.

Posted by powerupny

Hi there! Thanks for the response. I forgot to mention that I am new to this site. You are correct. I am an artist. Unfortunately, I'm not doing any professional art work this time. I have a Associates Degree in Applied Science, Advertising Art and Design which I obtained at a State University in New York US. It took 4 years to obtain my 2 year degree because I thought I wanted to major in Architectural Design. then I moved to California because I got a scholarship to a small Art Institute In Laguna Beach, California US. Here in Las Vegas, Nevada US where I am live now, I once went back to school for a class in Graphic Design at The College of Southern Nevada. It sucks that I don't have a Apple Macintosh Computer at home which has been the industry standard and you have to learn the basic Graphic Design Programs very well. Like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign etc. I have a PC at home so I can't practice at home but I can still practice at the College of Southern Nevada. They have Macs there if I can Still use them. I have my own universe because sometimes my mind goes on vacation and spaces out but I don't think that's not what you meant. lol

Posted by backroommushroom

Hey! I saw you are an artist. Do you draw for professional purposes or you have your universe? Or both?