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How do I approach Online Dating?

Posted by justaverage

Online Dating is a useful way to find a partner who is just right for you.

Although Online Dating has it's pros and cons, here are a few ways you can approach Online Dating and how you can utilise it to find someone special.

1. Stay Safe - Don't give away too much straight away, don't just give away personal information as no partner will demand and is a definite red flag.
(You are responsible for your own actions)

2. Don't set Demands or Expectations - Expectations and Demands lead to disappointment, meaning you will more likely reject and be rejected by people online.

3. Never Rush - Take your time, don't rush and be yourself, and be honest.

4. Avoid Fear & Threats - Don't let that someone force you or even corner you with fear and threats against you or to blackmail you, if you feel someone is doing this you can block them, or you can be honest and tell them if they don't learn then it's your choice to stop talking to them if you think they aren't the one for you, just be careful of who you find online.
(Even if they catch your heart, sometimes a person can't always be the one)

5. Be true to yourself - Do you want this? Then be honest and show your real self, and don't hide behind a mask, that doesn't mean send pictures or anything, just be yourself.

6. Be kind - That doesn't mean that if you are having a bad day you act like you can take on the world, don't be afraid to say you aren't the happiest bunny, but be kind and stay strong.

7. Look to the Present - We can set future goals but we can't physically control when we will get them, instead look at the present, than the past or the future, enjoy now.

8. Go for it - Is your heart beating from that one individual? Don't wait, go for it. Be brave.

9. You are your own - Be you, is what I've been saying, but also follow your own path, not your partner or your family and don't let them rule you, as you rule yourself. Your path is your own, those around you walk their own paths but still are with you.

10. Realistic not Materialistic - A friend is someone who doesn't ask for things, who doesn't ask to borrow money or material things, this also applies to partners and family.

For about a year now, I am Single and I have seen that people have become Single and in someway in a similar situation as me, but they are vocal about their views, as for me, I have become humble and if I am Single then I will just provide for myself, or just live life. 

My own thoughts are that me being straight, I have fallen in love with a soul mate, and then crash and burn while they move with no emotion to their next strive, while I take all the healing to heart, means I care more and do it properly and honestly women make me say I don't know anymore, so I am looking for someone who can show me love that is better, and show a better perspective of being in love, I don't have expectations, I am doing me.

I just thought I'd share some advice, and I am in no way an expert.
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