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mother tongue

Posted by 4christinedaaé

It's not because I communicate in my mother tongue on this site that I necessarily am a bad person. You guys speak your mother tongue, so why not me? Yes I am more than perfectly bilingual but I can not be everywhere at the same time.  Do you guys accept all girls no matter how they look? Then why I can not be selective myself? Why do I have to force myself to be somebody else by speaking another language? Because I'm a girl? Just saying. I gave up on sex many MANY moons ago so just to to the next profile and that is exactly why I do not publicly post my pictures here. Everybody knows that I am not Christine Daaé. Now if you feel rejected because of what I mentioned in that post, that is not absolutely not my problem because I am a girl. Thank you.

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Posted by topguy

ignore bad ones ,talk to nice one

Posted by topguy

relax! :)

Posted by archmagearcane

Il y a des gens ici qui parlent plusieurs langues. Bonne chance! :)

Posted by lanier2368

Sounds like a lot of guys are giving you crap here. That's a shame. There's no reason you can't be who you are. Anyone who gives you crap for being you isn't worth your time.

Posted by justaverage

Call to the moons and speak the language of your own, you are who you are and your path is yours to take, whom you choose should not be of your standards but of both coming together in harmony, may you find a friend or even someone more, not so sure about mother tongue I speak from the void, and so I disappear into the withering cold of the night, as I am with no burdens to me, a humble person who helps to fix people and listens to them, that is I, may you be well, bud.