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What is your favourite dinosaur?

Posted by backroommushroom

Not searching for significant other and just asking, what is your favourite dinosaur?  Or just other neat prehistoric animal if you are a fan of other era. Everybody has one, or had as a kid. Want to hear your opinon everyone

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Posted by weeble97

Triceratops. From The Land Before Time movies

Posted by amjam

Interesting question. My personal favorite dinosaur is Parasaurolophus, but my favorite prehistoric animal of all is the gorgonopsid Inostrancevia Alexandri.

Posted by powerupny

I like the T-Rex or Raptors just like in the Jurassic Park Movies.

Posted by justaverage

I didn't play with plastic dinosaurs when I was little, my childhood was of me being heroic in a video game, and so on, the history of it is something to read but I wouldn't obsess over it.