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THE LOVE ECONOMY  OF AN AUTIST       5/8/2015 1454 philipandermann1 May 08, 2015
ON BEING AUTISTIC [and too full of love] 1429 philipandermann1 May 07, 2015
my poem to Ambassador Noel Sinclair (whom I recently met) - first draft 1507 philipandermann1 May 03, 2015
Marie Curie's encouraging example 1382 philipandermann1 May 03, 2015
Inside the Outsiders - Victory!  [my poem will be read aloud by Chairman at the next DBSA meeting] 1255 philipandermann1 May 02, 2015
What is the most precious treasure? 1391 philipandermann1 May 02, 2015
Will this really save the Earth?? 1344 philipandermann1 May 02, 2015
Do YOU know how to heal yourself? 1342 philipandermann1 Apr 29, 2015
I can't calculate     1498 philipandermann1 Apr 27, 2015
Tied to freedom  1393 philipandermann1 Apr 27, 2015
Are you very emotional but emotionally blind?   A confession. The inability to truly read emotion in faces [alexithymia] is far more common that most people know, and extends well beyond those of us on the autism spectrum. We can test ourselves. See my results below.  All I can say is, I deeply want to overcome this, and I think we can help each other. Both same and different genders.   1652 philipandermann1 Apr 26, 2015
How Does Love Breathe?? 1212 philipandermann1 Apr 26, 2015
Words Live, and We Love 1478 philipandermann1 Apr 26, 2015
Did You Know You Just Touched the Skies of Another? 1208 philipandermann1 Apr 26, 2015
Did You Not Know? 1280 philipandermann1 Apr 25, 2015
A quick self-test for autism, Aspergers, or anxiety disorder.  1370 philipandermann1 Apr 24, 2015
A SEED CALLED YOUTH 1302 philipandermann1 Apr 21, 2015
"THANK YOU" makes life make sense 1332 philipandermann1 Apr 20, 2015
How Much Asperger's Is Really Face or Emotion Blindness? Love is intense still,even if we are more comfortable with nature... 1283 philipandermann1 Apr 20, 2015
Scored average, skeptical. Testing for face blindness disrupting social skills 1475 philipandermann1 Apr 20, 2015